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Do not let your mechanical equipment "heat stroke"
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 This summer's weather continues to heat, in such an environment, not only people need heatstroke prevention, machinery and equipment also need to "heatstroke prevention." As the crusher must work outdoors, and the workload is huge, in high temperature weather, the device temperature is too high prone to failure. Therefore, the user should do a good job of crusher "heatstroke" work, or will not only affect the production, but also cause security incidents.
     How does the high temperature environment affect the crusher?
     1, high temperature environment, the crusher's own temperature will rise, prone to unpredictable abnormal circumstances, such as a sudden shutdown, the spindle suddenly broken and other failures;
     2, because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature will make the parts of the crusher expansion, resulting in the parts of the bite to produce more friction and deviation, not only will affect the production schedule, friction will further increase the temperature;
     3, high temperature environment will make crusher oil oil temperature rise, oily and viscosity decline in local oil film damage, lubrication between the parts and bearing capacity to reduce, even worse, the oil carbonation, the occurrence of burning tile.
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     How to cool the crusher:
     1, timely clean up the engine body of the oil and dust, do dust work, to ensure that the engine to maintain good heat dissipation. Although some of the equipment is now upgrading the dust system, reducing the probability of downtime due to dust reasons, but the summer due to high temperatures, dry air, dust problems will become more serious. For example, to regularly check the tapered anti-dust seal slip ring fixed bolts to prevent dust seal and slip ring off, so that a large number of dust and ore into the body, causing crusher scrapped or significant economic losses.
     2, check the cooling system, the fuel system is smooth, and replace the aging of the wire, plugs, tubing, screws, tighten fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.
     3, for the equipment to replace the appropriate oil viscosity grade, the general summer oil viscosity grade higher than any other appropriate. Engine oil and lubricants around the need to replace the use of summer oil, oil is appropriate, often check for oil spills, especially fuel, should be added in time.
     4, summer high temperature, increase equipment failure rate and the incidence of fire, for each machine is equipped with 1-2 sets of fire extinguishers, to prevent accidents.
     5, in the indoor equipment installation environment is best set in a better ventilation, and should pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature, as well as the surrounding environment ventilation and permeability. It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed forty degrees, to the crusher to maintain a good working environment.
     6, for some of the core components of the equipment, at work, check the temperature at any time, if you find the temperature is too high, be sure to shut down, or take some measures to reduce the temperature of parts. Because too high temperature will easily lead to equipment aging, shorten the service life.
     7, in the outdoor operation of the crusher, generally can not help reduce the temperature around the way, you can reduce the use of the machine, reduce power, reduce its thermal emissions, or in the machine around the top or install the awning, Sun exposure time, this can also be very effective in reducing the temperature of the machine.
     Crusher Summer equipment operation should pay attention to:
     1, before the start of the crusher, the first drive wheel will move two or two, to confirm the operation of flexible, and then boot; boot can not be directly fed, to wait until the crusher can run normally.
     2, to maintain the uniformity of the crusher feeding, not excessive. Do not break the material into the machine, such as metal, wood and so on.
     Finally warm reminder: hot summer, working in the gravel scene and mobile crusher equipment site workers, at high temperatures operating more attention to safety, as the operator, if once the heat stroke fainted, can cause unimaginable problems. Specific models of each machine corresponds to the different ways, the detailed questions also please contact us: 0371-64627880

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