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The development of a stone crusher to get state support
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Today, mining machinery market now faces several development priorities , first of all is the crusher product innovation After 2011 the development of the mining machinery industry is pouring more and more manufacturers , some small-scale stone crushers enterprises blindly chase with the imitation of someone else's equipment , product quality is not guaranteed under the premise the core competitiveness of enterprises , long down the enterprise is bound to drown in the wave of the high degree of economic development , and ultimately be eliminated . Therefore , the enterprise of the crusher in order to rapid development , it must have a core market competitiveness , with its own unique product .
Followed by the crusher product of large-scale, large-scale crusher equipment since 2010 has been toward large-scale development, a number of large mines have become increasingly demanding production , large crushing ratio , high production capacity and the fragmentation of the high degree of automation equipment more and more welcomed by large manufacturers , large, very large development has become the latest developments in the direction of the machinery industry .
The Yifan Heavy Industries is a professional production of the crusher equipment manufacturers, and can thin broken jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher and other equipment to a fragmentation of the larger stones and two broken bits , and made ??the required for a variety of aggregate resources. Experienced on gravel , natural sand, gravel , mostly round , its surface area is small .
The plastic is broken after the artificial production of aggregates and cement , asphalt and other construction materials better integration but after the the Yifan Heavy production of cone crusher , such concrete made of high quality , quality of construction there are a large improvement in the level . Yifan in 2012 the development of the market with an innovative model of development in the product structure update , it will be one of the highlights of the crusher industry development.
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