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Yifan Machinery - Construction sand making , Stone crusher professional manufacturer
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The rapid development of various types of construction , often as the limited resources of natural sand supply . Stone chips currently works in the most widely used way of fine aggregate , but the poor quality and unstable supply of a very acute problem . Fine aggregate and road building materials is not an integral part of the requirements of the road the higher the level of their quality is higher .Looking for good quality and steady supply of fine aggregate , to ensure that the design and construction management of the asphalt pavement material . Stone Crusher manufactured sand apparently have these features, rich in limestone , granite , basalt , is a stable material sources , equipment and process of maturing sand , so the production quality guaranteed , regardless of the product granularity looking around strength is superior to the natural sand and stone chips , asphalt pavement with the mechanism of sand has become an inevitable trend .

In the mechanism of sand , the most important equipment is the Sand . Crushing operation by Sand , crushed material to the granularity needed in order to replace the artificial sand for a variety of infrastructure . Zhengzhou Yifan Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. After years of research , production VSI series of vertical impact crusher stone stone crushing principle and cost savings in various applications , durable , and has superior performance for the production of high quality stone materials , sand , and heap leach , mill feed . And can easily achieve the conversion of the stone at the stone and the stone blacksmith , with the characteristics of a multifunctional , flexible application .
Yifan mining machine developed efficient Sand, with all three breakup mode in one of the domestic and international construction , mining , metallurgical industry , as well as highways, railways, bridges, water and electricity, the field of mineral grinding and mechanisms sands core equipment . Sand application market is very broad, the cement industry in China's most important application areas , paving and mining, crusher used in these two industries each account for about 30 percent of the industry as a whole .
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