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High-speed rail pulling the stone crushing machine industry's rapid development
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With the economic development of China 's railway business is booming . Beijing to Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan line, Cheng Xu Zheng and even West and planning Passenger Dedicated Line Passenger Railway Line south of the Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Line and the Shanghai -Wuhan-Chengdu fast-track stone weapons , is in full swing with . The railway project estimated total investment 116.76 billion yuan , a joint venture by the Ministry of Railways and Hebei , Henan, Hubei , construction , construction, the total duration of four and a half years . High-speed rail development is not only driven by the surrounding economic development , in terms of the construction machinery industry , especially the stone crusher industry , which undoubtedly is a significant investment opportunities .

In recent years , high-speed railway construction in the very important position . For highway construction , large-scale railway construction investment , long construction period, broad in scope and more effectively promote the market of building materials, construction machinery . Investment of 600 billion yuan in accordance with the high-speed railway infrastructure civil works which share about 55% , which means that China's civil investment will reach 330 billion yuan this year . Which , demolition costs about 50 billion yuan , roadbed construction cost of about $ 500 million bridge and culvert construction cost of about 110 billion yuan , the tunnel is about 110 billion yuan .

These projects involve the construction machinery products is unusually broad , stone crushing machinery , earth and stone machinery, broken machinery , lifting machinery, road machinery , concrete machinery , all known name on the construction machinery products , without exception, have taken part in the railway construction may . Crusher machinery is also widely used , high - speed rail on concrete aggregate grain type, level with a higher demand . The Yifan mechanical design and production of high-speed railway , highway aggregate production line finished aggregate gravel level with management, grain shape is good , elongated particle content can be controlled within 5% .
Case in point: a basalt mining Jaw Crusher - Impact Crusher process , not only the impact crusher wear very serious , and its product flakiness content over 10 % , resulting in product sales is not good , can not meet highway construction requirements technological innovation and VI series of highly efficient vertical impact crusher product flakiness content reduced to 4.8% , alone with the crusher as compared to the final process of crushing process line , production increased by 30% ; broken plastic processes, to increase the crushing ratio and processing capabilities , the yield increased dramatically .Compared with the direct use of the crusher as the final crushing process processing gravel , equipment, consumable parts wear was reduced by 25% ; cone crusher Impact crusher as secondary crusher to use , efficient vertical shaft impact crusher metal consumption small amounts, throughout the process , the vulnerability of consumption greatly reduced . Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery production lines have been successfully applied in a variety of large-scale projects .

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery specializing in the production of stone crushing and screening , the famous crushing and screening of artificial aggregate manufacturing enterprises . The company has been committed to high quality broken sand system equipment R & D and manufacturing , engineering design and installation of complete production lines . Adhering to the ideology of scientific management , advanced processing equipment, sophisticated design and perfect after-sale concept of service users to become the first choice for domestic and international construction , mining , metallurgical industry , and high-grade highways , railways , bridges and mineral grinding the field .
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