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The development of good stone crusher industry outlook
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The stone crusher is widely used in the market , mainly covering the chemical, mining, construction , water conservancy, metallurgy , coal , glass and other industries . The cement industry in China's most important application areas , crusher paving and mining, applications in these two sectors accounting for about 30 percent of the industry as a whole .
Stone crushing machines are good prospects for development :
First,Western development has led to a large demand for the stone crusher . As countries continue to expand domestic demand, the pace of infrastructure construction increased, which led to the crusher industry is booming , because it is the source of all raw materials , the crusher can be imagined that the productivity of how not to dare Christine .
Two,Crushing machine replacement . Small crusher life only in 2035 , the annual domestic replacement crusher is about 20% of the total demand of the crusher , even if such There are a lot of crushers overage operation , domestic crushers overall aging more large-scale replacement is only a matter of time ;
Three,China's economy steady and rapid development , GDP growth over 9 % in 2004 . The development of road construction and cement and other infrastructure construction is bound to pull the crusher industry's growth .
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