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How to solve the problem of stone crusher overload protection
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As we all known , the working environment of the stone crusher is relatively poor , and fluctuations in workload is great , the peak load is usually more than three times the average load . Often sudden substantial overloading of danger into the material uneven due to extremely hard highly non- broken (eg, iron ) into the crushing chamber . Jaw crusher mostly has focused overload . In summary, until now, the commonly used are mainly the following overload method .
Broken bracket method : Set the low intensity of the bracket and easy to break points , crusher overload the bracket stress sensitive area due to the stress rose sharply to limit their own broken to cut off the power transmission to prevent machine damage .
This traditional overload protection measures , simple structure , easy to manufacture . However, due to the mechanical properties of the bracket (usually cast iron ) volatile and subject to the limitations of the calculation accuracy , and can not be accurately quantified to control the break point , and practical applications are often overloaded and lack of protection . Moreover, even if the overload protection, but because of the crusher in the accident state to interrupt the process of cleaning, disassembly and change before the machine is not running , this will inevitably cause delays in production .

Flywheel limit moments protection : spring friction clutch , hydraulic friction clutch , or set the safety pin . Such methods on a simple pendulum jaw crusher used more often.This clutch, it is necessary to ensure the normal working torque delivery , but also pass the torque does not exceed the allowable value . Fall into the barrier of material when the crushing chamber , machine overload reaches a critical torque the flywheel shaft Bu slide freely , play the role to protect the main parts . However, due to the clutch friction factor / by the external conditions ( such as temperature , etc.) greater impact on the reliability of its work is restricted , still human wrecker and overload shutdown repair , system recovery is too much trouble .

Hydraulic protection : Due to the above two overload method of protection is not reliable and need to stop handling under accident conditions , causing the process to interrupt their recovery more difficult issues such as containing more material barrier materials in the crushing (such as slag broken line) often can not meet the production needs. Therefore, the development of a safe and reliable hydraulic protection device to replace the traditional passive means of protection to ensure maximum machine safe and stable continuous operation is particularly necessary .
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