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Stone crusher will become the engineering machinery the main
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The end of construction machinery exceeded 900 billion , will become the main stone crusher .

Construction Machinery Industry " 12th Five-Year Plan has been submitted to the State authorities, is expected to immediately introduced . In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of China 's construction machinery industry will reach 17 percent , leading the company's growth rate is between 25% -30% . Clear plan of construction machinery has been reported to "12 " to " 12 " end of China 's construction machinery market demand will reach about 900 billion yuan .

Choose from two angles of valuation and growth investment targets , Northeast Securities optimistic about the lower valuation of the construction machinery industry , major companies Zoomlion Xugong ; show the defensive value of the railway equipment industry , attention to China's South cars, CNR ; in line with related companies for industrial upgrading and machinery to replace manual trends , including the company of the Rifa digital robots, Hang oxygen shares of long - term prospects .

Therefore, the mine industry in the next few years will become the dominant stone crusher production will greatly enhance the.
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