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Effective way to improve the rate of stone crusher operation and measures
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How can we improve the operating rate of the Stone Crusher? Following a few Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery experts recommend :
(a) Stone crushers operating rate: before stopping , the palate , the material must be all broken , before parking .
(b) Such as shields, or hoods are not intact , it is not allowed to drive in order to avoid personal injury .
(c) Devices empty in normal operation , only to allow the feeding broken . Feeding should be uniform, not allowed to join other material .
(d) Often pay attention to the material situation of blockage , if any , should be promptly dredge .
(e) Improve the wear of the stone crushers operating rate to check both sides of the shield , such as severe wear should be replaced.
(f) Hand drive fixed flywheel or pulling the belt to confirm that the device is rotating flexible in order to no-load test .
(g) Improve the operating rate of the stone crusher to comply with the operating procedures of the crusher .
(h) Check crusher V-belt (or flat belt ) tightness and wear , such as too tight too loose or badly worn , should promptly adjust or replace the belt .
(i) Process requirements of the block , adjust the opening size of the palate .
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