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Stone Crusher opportunities for development
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After high-speed railway is an important direction for the development of railways, the railway is also the driving force for national economic development, from the annual Spring Festival we can "glimpse", which is also stimulating domestic demand, promoting economic growth as a "locomotive." In response to the financial crisis, the Government's 2 trillion invested Zaixian railway construction boom, one of "main artery" starting to build and run into the news continued to emerge.

Stone Crusher Production Line
Stone Crusher Production Line

High-speed railway construction in China include high technology and the world's leading railway technology. High-speed railway construction, concrete sand and gravel aggregate grain shape, size distribution has been brought up a very high demand, especially basalt (diabase) content of gravel in the needle Flake, the former a simple cone, or back-breaking processing technology has been broken does not meet the requirements. Yifan Machinery launched a well to meet the technical requirements to be broken VI series of Sand and shaping of the new crushing and screening process; VI Sand is the production of high-performance concrete (C40 and above) Aggregate (gravel) and quality stone necessary equipment, through the shaping machine after the bone (stone) materials no more than 5% of needle sheet can fully meet the production of these specialty high-performance industry, coagulation (C40 ~ C80) aggregate the technical requirements.

Sand maker and hydraulic high-performance cone crusher, PF Impact Crusher hard rock, PE Jaw Crusher deep cavity, as well as screening equipment, washing series matching can be designed to dedicated high-speed (high-grade) road, high-speed railway, hydropower station, high-rise buildings, airport runways, ports, municipal engineering and other industries gravel aggregate produced by crushing and screening of new production processes; the crushing and screening equipment, according to a joint installation is divided into fixed, mobile crusher plant, Tracked Mobile Crusher 3 kinds of its production capacity of 30-500 tons / h and finished particle size and size distribution determined according to user needs, typically 0 ~ 40mm; the production of finished grade sand and gravel aggregate with science, grain shape, good needle Flake particle concentration can be controlled within 5%, successfully used in the Zhengzhou-Xi'an, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Harbin, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway passenger line, Shen-Da, even Huo, the Beijing-Zhuhai, Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen-wing, big movement, the South 100, Xiamen Cheng, Kwong Pakistan, Shanghai and Kunming, Beijing-Chengde, two wide highways, the Beijing Olympic Games projects, Baoquan reservoirs, Gezhouba Tin River Power Station and other key state projects.

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