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Innovation is the crushing machine industry the opportunity to
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The crushing and screening industry in our development process, the crushing equipment manufacturers to increase product market share, taken the door towards the world, we must continually improve the product core competitiveness, improve the product, but the core competitiveness depends on talent, technology, resources, or capital?

Can be said that these four conditions are important, but China's crushing and screening industry point of view, innovation is the core competitiveness. Because people can be mobile, technology, sooner or later will be a breakthrough, resources can be shared, capital is limited, and only constant innovation is the ability to promote the formation of long-term enterprise core competitiveness of the biggest factor. Jiang said: "Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, is an inexhaustible motive force for national prosperity. If our own innovation capability can not, blindly relying on technology imports, it is always difficult to get rid of technological backwardness. An innovation nation can hardly stand tall in the world's advanced nations. " This enterprise, especially, entrepreneurship is the core of an enterprise for sustainable development momentum.

From our crushing and screening development of the industry point of view, the basic walking Crusher Enterprise is a first introduction of foreign advanced technology, through digestion, absorption, form their own products, bigger and stronger after taking the road of innovation. However, introduction of technology to go the route of the disadvantages is that we get some foreign technology is about to dispose of, or outdated, due to backward technology acquired, resulting in the crushing and screening industry, high-end markets, such as abroad in the last century, 50 years on the launch of a crawler-type mobile crushing station, while the domestic tire mobile crushing station was popular in this century, so high-end crusher there has long been dominated by foreign producers with the situation; until the Recently, relying on technological innovation, crushing and screening companies in China have launched their own products with core competitiveness, gradually began to snatch away the market share.

From our crushing and screening industry, enterprise development point of view, can be a foothold in the market and take the overwhelming majority of the larger development of strong technological innovation capability of enterprises. The scale of the enterprises in China, in terms of financial strength, technical strength, and transnational corporations is still a huge gap. Multinationals gradually entering the Chinese market, when domestic enterprises to rely on technological innovation to create a business trip alienation products, may well be an active part in the competition a good response.

In China's construction machinery industry, relying on examples of technological innovation to win the market, are common. If Yifan  machinery, their mobile crushing plant, crawler-type mobile crushing plant, large-scale hydraulic cone crusher, construction waste disposal equipment, technological breakthroughs, its mobile crushing plant has been successfully applied in processing of minerals and rocks, sand and gravel material processing systems, aggregate processing systems, hydropower gravel aggregate processing system, construction waste disposal equipment, and so on, Yifan mechanical design of the construction waste disposal equipment, production lines have been put into operation in Chengdu, Sichuan, won the State Science and Technology acceptance.

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