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Six main factors to affect the production capacity of the crusher
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Crusher is the necessary crushing equipment for mining and aggregates production line. Crusher crushing capacity refers to the number of its units are generally broken materials per unit time: tons / hour. The production capacity of the crusher has a direct impact on the stones factory production efficiency, affect crusher production capacity of the main factors of them?

Yifan Machinery brief analysis the main affect crusher production capacity of the following six areas:

1, the viscosity of the material.The greater the viscosity of the material, the more easily adhered.

2, broken material fineness. Fineness demanding, requiring broken out the finer the material, the smaller the crushing capacity.

3, the hardness of the material. The harder the material is broken up more difficult, but also the more serious wear on the equipment. Broken slow, of course, the crushing capacity is small.

4, the humidity of materials, materials in water containing large, easy to adhere to the material in the crusher, it tends to lower conveying process blocked, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced.

5, the better the wear resistance of the broken pieces of the broken equipment (hammer, jaw) the greater the crushing capacity, if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.

6, the material composition of, broken materials containing fine powder of more and more affect crushing, because the fine powder is easy to adherence of transport. Fines content should advance through a sieve.

Azerbaijan stone sand production line
Azerbaijan stone sand production line

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