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Detailed Information about Stone crusher's Design Concept
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Stone crusher can be used to create gravel or rock dust, or simply to smash large rocks into smaller ones. The product created by stone crushers can be used for a variety of functions such as construction aggregates, landscaping, erosion control and more. Next, this article will analyze the use of stone crusher machine for most significant applications.Every year, 10 thousands sq.m. old construction would produce 7000~12000 tons of building waste, that is to say, reformation of the cities and towns would generate mountains of building waste. 
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More than of fractured stone crushing, and can more fully utilize the entire rotor high-speed impact energy.But as a result of plate hammer easy to wear and tear, jaw crusher is restricted in the application of hard material broken, usually used for coarse crushing.Once the range of application of stone crushing can be extended effectively, the building resource will be saved effectively as well. Disposal of multitudes of building wastes brings about directly improvement of the living environment of citizens.

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