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YIFAN cone crusher to achieve new breakthroughs
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Cone crusher in the gravel production line topped: sand production line in need is not a single crusher equipment, cone crusher can be said to be the perfect partner in gravel production line. Reduce energy consumption at the proposed crusher industry, steel consumption and improve the effectiveness of targeted production, YIFAN cone crusher by improvement and it topped become the focus of stone crushing production line and gravel production line. 
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The new cone crusher motor along the vertical axis of the cone and driven by the eccentric bushings, eccentric bushings and pulleys by the horizontal axis and by the bevel gear to gear. High intelligence cone crusher pinnacle of the traditional view, and the "energy" of the theory believe that in order to get a more crusher products, first enter more energy, rather than the smaller reduction of discharge opening . Now, this new theory has been generally accepted as the national experts. In this theory, based on the generated performance hydraulic cone crusher has also been recognized as one of the most advanced crusher. 

Cone crusher in research and development, in addition to the standard type and short head type cone crusher, as well as the cone crusher called medium between them, can also be used for the finely chopped. The main difference between standard and medium-sized, short head cone crusher is the crushing chamber of different cross-sectional shape. Therefore, the row of ore feed size and granularity are also different. Development of new cone crusher for stone production line, add a touch of gravel equipment most beautiful color.

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