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Yifan Machinery stone crusher impact crusher equipment technology innovation again
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The impact crusher stone crusher series which used stone crushing equipment , the Yifan mechanical crusher in China 's cement industry soon to be widely used . Yifan Machinery Manufacturing  1250mm × 1250mm crusher is part of this type has been used for the crushing of the cement plant limestone , and achieved good results , can be 70 ~ 80mm limestone blocks , once broken into the final product particle size less than 20mm accounted for about 90% , the production capacity of 120 ~ 150t / h .

There are new developments as the primary crushing impact crusher equipment specifications is also increasing , Yifan Machinery Machinery produced by HS -40 type  2200mm × 1800mm Crusher machine , to the nugget 1200mm, broken product particle size less than 25mm accounted for 90 % ( 25 to 50mm particle size 10%) , crusher production capacity of 500t / h .

In stone crushing machine series which this crusher board hammer , using special thick , machined alloy steel structure . Throughout the work period , the board hammer time after use , do not need to turn around and change to use , thus saving a secondary , lower production costs , and utilization of the board hammer ( by mass ) 2/3 .
Due to the wear and tear of the board hammer and its linear velocity is proportional to the square of this , the rotor speed of the crusher crusher than the average about 15% to 20% , that is, the rotor speed of 22 ~ 26m / s operation . In order to still ensure that the product particle size in the low-speed operation , the device uses three back plate device, constitute three of the crushing chamber .

Crusher board hammer and the back plate to wear the larger shortcomings can be overcome with the improvement of the quality of the wear-resistant materials , as well as the improvement of the structure and , for example ,  2200mm x 1800mm large crusher , the use of special alloy steel plate hammer and the back plate unit metal depletion of only 0.23g / t limestone ;In another example , AP5 type crusher , made ??of carbon steel plate hammer, metal loss is only 13g / t limestone . Allegedly high chromium cast iron as the material of the plate hammer , long service life . However, foreign countries are still high manganese steel as against plate and back plate wear-resistant materials .

In order to meet the needs of the coking and power industries , Yifan Machinery Machinery in the original stone broken machine series which has developed a new type of PF impact crusher for coal crusher , the crusher except the back plate is curved , other structures similar to the above crusher .

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