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Stone production line stone crusher in the three main points of the daily maintenance of the machine equipment
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The stone crusher crusher equipment of stone production line , commonly used stone crusher,jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher , drying hammer crusher . With high precision adjustment device , so the production , be sure to monitor the overall performance of the crusher in a timely manner to do the maintenance and repair . Here is a variety of crusher maintenance .

Minor repairs : check and repair broken conical upper part of the suspension , dust-proof device , eccentric sleeve , gear, thrust disc , wear and lubrication of the drive shaft bushing . Inspection and repair lubrication systems , lubricant replacement . Check and repair the entire liner wear and fastening . Minor repairs maintenance cycle is about two weeks . Repair : check cycle is mainly determined by the conical liner and racks lining wear, and drive shaft wear .

General repair : including the replacement of the broken cone liner ; repair or replace the drive shaft , drive shaft bushings, bevel gear , and suspension of worn parts ; repair or replace the eccentric sleeve, inside and outside the village sets and only shuffleboard ; repair and replacement of electrical devices. Repair , including minor repairs of all , in general, half-yearly . Overhaul : repair to replace the rack in the rack , beams and repair base .

Overhaul : in repair projects of all inspection and processing , and technological innovation . Overhaul cycle is generally five years or so . It should be noted that : in the repair and overhaul cycle and the broken ore hard and soft . Broken magnetite , for example , hard, 3 to 4 months is required in the repair , broken limestone , and some can be extended for two years . Usually with the crusher maintenance work and the quality of repairs and spare parts .

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