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Widely used stone crusher mining machinery industry
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Stone crushing machine uses:The heavy stone crusher is directly to the maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm material crushing to 25 or 25 mm below a broken rock breaking machine .Applies crushing medium hardness material cement, chemical , electric power , metallurgy and other industrial sectors , such as limestone , slag , coke , coal and other materials in the debris , crushing operations . Used for crushing various hard and abrasive weak material . The compressive strength of its material does not exceed 100MPa, the moisture content of less than 15% . Broken materials as coal, salt, chalk, plaster , brick , limestone and so on . Also for the broken fiber structure , elastic and resilient pieces of wood , paper , or broken asbestos cement waste to recycling asbestos fibers .

Stone crusher work characteristics :Simple structure , low cost , stable operation , energy efficient , the impeller and whirl crushing chamber materials , since the liner substantially reduce the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload to effectively solve the iron contamination in the process of breaking of glass and other raw materials issues and card steel slag crushing process , clever internal airflow from the circulation to eliminate dust dispersion .
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