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Three methods to improve efficiency in the use of stone crusher
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The Stone Crusher is widely used in a variety of ores , cement , refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker , emery , glass raw materials , the mechanism for building sand , stone and all kinds of metallurgy slag , especially for silicon carbide , silicon carbide , sintered bauxite , Misa contour hard, extra hard and corrosion-resistant materials broken , stone crusher jaw Crusher , mobile crushing plant , crusher , impact crusher , compound crusher , single - stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher , gyratory crusher , cone crusher .

If we want to improve the stone crusher efficiency can be improved in terms of design, material selection , assembly and use of the process medium three .
First,At design time, move the jaw and fixed jaw broken board should toothed peaks teeth Valley . In this way , broken on the stone in addition to compression , as well as bending , the material is more easily broken . In order to enhance the life of the broken plate , small and medium-sized crusher broken board into the shape of the upper and lower symmetry , the moment the Ministry of wear and tear can turn around and use ; large stone crusher broken board designed to be symmetrical with each other a few pieces , so that wear can be broken board swap use. The broken plate material can be selected white cast iron . White cast iron hardness larger , better wear resistance , the source is easy, cheap ; drawback is brittle and easily broken , life is short .In order to improve the service life of the broken plate , the materials used in more than 12% of manganese -manganese steel better common of ZGMn13 . Manganese steel, toughness , hardness is not high (approximately 210HB ) , but because of the work hardening characteristics under pressure will continue to be strengthened , so continue to wear at work and continue to strengthen until the wear and tear can not be used was scrapped .Rapid cooling in the water after the manganese steel crushing plate casting by tough water treatment, water toughening operating largely quenching the same , namely, the casting out of the manganese steel crushing plate heated to 1000 ~ 1100 ℃ . Water toughening treatment can be a uniform microstructure, and microstructure of fixed , to avoid leaving degrades the performance of phase change in the use of naturally occurring . The shortcomings of manganese steel is more expensive , but the service life, cost and other aspects of general considerations of ZGMn13 than white cast iron long life and low cost .

Use process in order to strengthen the life of the broken plate . Broken plate and the material of a direct role in the production process , breaking force , especially broken hardness materials , cause the installation to the vibration of the broken plate bolts , nuts loose, broken plates increased wear and tear and have a great deal of noise , severe crushing plate to fall off or break the equipment down , affecting the normal production .When this happens , just boot before tighten the bolt , nut is not completely solve the problem , according to the actual situation of the site specific issues and problems , think of a way to take practical solution to the problem . For example, you can use spring locking damping device to solve the loosening of the broken board in the work , thus extending the life of the broken plate , and improve work efficiency .Specifically, this spring made ??the bolts anti- loosening and self- compact device, the device from within spring cover , spring , the outer spring gland composition , and to wear this device to tighten the nut on the bolt , the spring was nut pressed to a certain extent, have a very strong anti-vibration effect and huge crushing force of the bolts loose power spring tension automatically compensate for therefore bolt Bu Zhiyu loose , thus extending the life of the broken plate , improve production efficiency . In short , in the course of specific situations think of ways to solve the specific problems to prevent the broken plate loosening , wear, break , etc. , thus extending the life of the broken plate , reduce costs, improve work efficiency .

Assembly , stone crusher jaw plate must be firmly attached to the E -board , between the two should be leveled , broken to use a soft metal ( such as lead , zinc , etc.) for the gasket between the plate and the jaw , and bolt fastening . Stone crusher , crushing the board there should be no loosening , or easily broken or worn broken board , reduce the service life of the broken plate . Therefore , the assembly must be installed, broken plates, thus extending the life of the broken plate .

Improve the efficiency in the use of stone crusher from the selection of design , assembly , using three aspects , stone crusher to improve efficiency and service life , thereby enhancing the production efficiency of the stone crusher , reducing the production costs of mining enterprises .
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