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Stone crusher liner on the particle size and grain
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Stone crusher tooth plate is a very important component , direct contact with the ore , and ultimately determine the composition of the ore product size and shape of the finished product . The tooth plate is usually called a liner , to suffer a great impact in the production process , so the wear is very serious . So you want to extend the useful life of equipment broken , then it must improve the life of the liner , and enhance the wear force .

To enhance the wear resistance of the tooth plate force and prolong life , then they would have two fronts , material and geometric shapes and sizes . Material aspects of the domestic use of the most common is the high manganese steel , the advantage is a surface hardening , can form a hard , wear-resistant surface , and also be able to maintain the original inner metal toughness . The drawback is the use of materials will be prone to deformation .

The Yifan Heavy tooth plate side of the Stone crusher is the life of high manganese to a much longer high chromium cast iron in wear resistance is much higher than the high manganese steel , than the wear resistance of low alloy steel to be high. Second is the geometric shape of the impact on the life and wear resistance , so broken requirement to choose the right shape . The higher the Stone crusher product size requirements , not smooth lining , broken is very corrosive , extremely hard material , in order to extend the life of the liner can smooth the liner . If it is in order to ensure the size and shape can be triangular or trapezoidal liner .

Yifan has extensive experience in heavy industry in the crushing plant liner selection , according to the actual needs of the customer to configure the appropriate type of liner to make it better able to work in the production process . The Yifan Heavy product package impact crusher machine , hammer crusher crusher brand , please call Yifan Heavy .
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