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The stone crusher is widely used in the garbage ceramic sand production line
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At present, waste treatment technology in the world's most widely and most frequently used as a landfill and incineration , as well as composting, anaerobic digestion , pyrolysis and gasification , high temperature and high pressure liquefied earthworm processing technology . Global process of urbanization continues to accelerate , the first two waste disposal methods increasingly become the main method , especially in some developing countries have gradually established a landfill and waste incineration plant . Admittedly, with the city landfill and incineration industry , promote the improvement of related technologies , and now most of the seal buried and the fluidized bed incinerator .Waste incineration power generation, the fever, but processing large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions , particularly dioxins , has a very serious pollution of the atmosphere .In addition, the incineration plant equipment corrosion is more serious and difficult to maintain , and expensive. Therefore, the stone crusher is widely used for garbage ceramic sand production line to promote the development of municipal solid waste landfill and incineration industry .

The waste classification is a good habit to need to develop , the priority is how to solve the problem of domestic garbage facing the siege . While Belgium Enext environmentally friendly renewable energy engineering company of municipal solid waste converted into a " zero pollution, zero emissions zero residual renewable coal provides a reliable way of environmental protection for waste disposal . Enext fuel production process includes: garbage collection , garbage refinement ( by mouth to feed litter into a grinder to refine into small particles ), the separation of garbage , refuse dry fermented dry flammable and high temperature to produce a few steps . Waste through separation , isolated from the " green waste " , "non- combustible material " and " combustible material " a few categories .As the main ingredient of green garden waste , fruit and vegetables , the remaining food garbage after fermentation to produce methane for personal use, can also be purified for sale . Isolated non - combustible material ( such as glass , ceramic , sand , metal ) is crushed by a stone crusher , add appropriate amount of cement can be made into tiles for urban road construction , the separation of scrap metal is sold to a metal company .

In the classification of garbage is still not universal , and slow the introduction of advanced equipment and technology , the per capita annual waste generation of 440 kg , domestic municipal solid total garbage highest in the world , annually produce 150 million tons of the garbage , the stock has reached 70 million tons of municipal solid waste generation sewage contamination of groundwater , hazardous substances will damage the ecological and bring ongoing environmental pollution , and constantly improve the technology of ceramic sand , expanding the application of ceramic sand , refuse the development of ceramic sand production line without delay , ceramic sand greatly optimistic about the investment prospects of the production line . Welcome people of insight and companies together to work together , contribute to the cause of the State Environmental Protection .

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