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The proper use of stone crusher
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The proper use of stone crusher :

1、The newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked .
2、Note various parts of the machine is working properly .
3、Bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine , so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship , it directly affects the life of the machine and operating rates , which required the injection of lubricant must be clean , seal must be good .
Machine oiling at : (1) Turn the bearing ( 2) roller bearing (3) Gear ( 4) active bearing sliding surface .
4、Turn the gear should immediately stop and check if the impact of sound in the operation .
5、The bearing temperature rise should be immediately stopped to check the reason to eliminate them .
6、Careful to check the wear parts wear , and pay attention to the replacement of worn parts .
7、Activities bearing can not put the base of the plane of the active device should be out dust and other objects in case the encounter can not be broken material on the bottom shelves move , resulting in a serious accident .
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