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Sorter features of hammer crusher
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In front of the stone crusher manufacturers Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery has shared :"Function of Stone Crusher in Aggregate Production Line" . Friends to share the classification under the hammer crusher machine function . Yifan Heavy Machinery production hammer crusher accessories, including a sieve plate, the rotor disk , the central axis , support , support ring , hammer , back plate , curved liner board , links institutions . Which the hammer crusher is the core component, to assume the equipment broken , the quality of the hammer on the market vary widely , generally relatively short life , the replacement frequency of the hammer more frequently . The Yifan Heavy mechanical crusher hammer high chromium cast iron, with a strong life, wear resistance and impact resistance is greatly enhanced by the pursuit of the market .

The classification of the hammer crusher , in accordance with the number of the rotor can be divided into single- rotor hammer crusher and dual - rotor hammer crusher , according to the direction of rotation of the rotor can be divided into reversible hammer crusher and non- reversible hammer crusher, if classified in accordance with the row number of the rotor including a single-row hammer breaking and multi- row hammer to break a link of the rotor can be divided into fixed hammer crusher and activities hammer crusher . To Heng Heavy Industries to buy a hammer to break the time , Heng technician according to customers' material and recommend the most suitable equipment for production needs that can be good to complete the production target , and make it to spend a minimum of cost .

The the Yifan Heavy machinery Hammer crusher The most obvious feature is the ability to be 800- 1200mm stone directly broken into the fineness of 25 mm or less , used in many types of ore . Customers want to buy the hammer crusher hammer to break the structure to choose , so that it can have a good assessment of the quality of the hammer crusher .

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