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Extend the jaw crusher jaw plate life approach
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When working jaw crusher, jaw plate direct contact with the material be under tremendous crushing force and friction materials. jaw plate of life is directly related to the efficiency and cost of production of jaw crusher. Therefore, to extend the service life of jaw crusher jaw plate is particularly important. How to extend the jaw crusher jaw plate life it?

jaw crusher jaw plate
jaw crusher jaw plate


YIFAN summarize years of experience can extend the jaw crusher jaw plate life from three aspects:

First, the design and material selection: At design time, the movable jaw and fixed jaw jaw plate teeth peak should tooth Valley.Thus, when the crushing of materials in addition to squeezing action, there are bending, the material relatively easily broken. Materials jaw can choose white cast iron. In order to improve the life of the jaw plate, with the above material 12% manganese steel manganese better commonly used ZGMn13. General considerations from life, cost, etc., ZGMn13 than white cast iron long life, low cost.

Second, the assembly: assembly, jaw plate must be firmly attached to the jaw plate pad level should be between the two, with a soft metals (such as lead, zinc, etc.) between the jaw plate and jaw plate as gaskets and bolts fastening. When working jaw crusher, jaw plate should not be loose, or easily broken or worn jaw plate, lower jaw life. So, be sure to install the jaw plate when assembled, thereby extending the life of the jaw plate.

Third, the use of the improved process of strengthening the jaw plate life: In the production process, and the material acts directly jaw plate crushing force is large, especially the greater hardness of material crushing, resulting in vibration of the bolt mounting jaw. Wear loose nut jaw plate intensify and make a tremendous noise, severe jaw plate broken off or make equipment downtime, affecting the normal production. In such cases, before starting to tighten the bolts, nuts are not completely solve the problem, to be analyzed according to the actual situation at the scene, trying to take a practical approach to solve the problem. In short, in the course, to prevent jaw plate loose, increased wear, broken, etc., thus extending the life of jaw, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Currently, the jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, railway, highway, metallurgical and chemical industries. In summary, from the design selection, assembly, use process improvement and other aspects, can well strengthen the jaw crusher jaw plate life, thereby improving production efficiency jaw crusher, reducing production costs.

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