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VSI crusher propels the development of manufactured sand
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With the development of crushing and screening technology, manufactured sand equipment updates constantly. From the analysis of material shattering, it possesses wide application prospect in the field of rock crushing such as high-frequency electric pulse crush, high pressure water jet crusher, laser fracturing etc. In view of the actual application, the current key point is still the crushing principle of machinery. How to achieve the satisfied crushing product size and meet the quality demand of customers, reduce the energy consumption of equipment and operating cost are the key task. It needs to further research the new technology and the development of new products for mechanical crushing. VSI crusher adopts rock-on-rock as the typical representation of this ideal. It opens up a new way for mechanical crushing.
Yifan Machinery VSI crusher develops with the new technology and new equipment. With the constant development and improvement for several hundred years, the products of mechanical crushing can fit the demands of different industries. After exploration and practice for many years, people come into being the unified cognition for the material crushing concept of “great crushing ratio” and “more crushing and less grinding”. The new technology always reforms constantly around the appearance of new equipment. The Three Gorges downstream manufactured sand adopts the combination of rod mill and VSI crusher. Ertan hydropower station adopts the combination of rod mill and capstan VSI crusher. This kind of process design with the complementary advantage of new and old products is the representation of processing technology for manufacturing sand. At present, the reform of sand making process mainly starts from the cost control, environmental protection and so on.

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