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Yifan Machinery makes contributions for developing green economy
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As is known to all, it is a trend to develop vigorously the energy conservation for building industry. Almost two-thirds of energy utilization is related to construction. As a kind of acknowledged pro-environment building materials, gypsum building materials are paid more attention. It not only saves the energy and materials, no environmental pollution, but also has excellent cost performance. It is a kind of comprehensive green building materials, and fits the policy of recycling economy and sustainable development. For that, it should be used widely.
In the gypsum industry, Yifan Machinery DSI series drying hammer crusher can scatter the desulphurization gypsum slag which is less than 12% of moisture content by the rotor of crusher. Meanwhile, it will make the full heat exchange with the incoming 550℃ hot-blast air, and form the materials with less than 1% of moisture content. The materials enter into the rising pipe through the air outlet, and then the hot-blast will carry them into the next process. DSJ series drying hammer crusher is also applied in cement industry and the field of environmental protection.
Gypsum products have the remarkable features of green building materials: sustainable, recycling, low usage amount of raw material etc. At the same time, they can improve the living standard, such as fireproofing, sound insulation and heat protection. What’s more, the physical distribution of gypsum products and mineral management standard are improving constantly, which can reduce the discharge of carbon dioxide. Because of the above features, gypsum products are used widely in the various building of the world.

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