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Yifan Machinery’s Products upgrade initiatively and cheer for the new rural construction
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Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, the economy also increases quickly. Agriculture, countryside and farmers have always been important research content in our country. Especially,the convening of “two sessions” further enhances the attention of new rural construction this year. It is inevitable to make a lot of analysis for the problems of housing demolition in the countryside. In addition, it makes great modulation and recondition to the rural problems. These policies bring lots of stimulation for the pull of foundation engineering construction. A large number of construction wastes after housing demolition are the considerable key point. Landfill not only occupies a lot of land and pollutes the environment; what’s more, construction waste is a kind of renewable resources. Through the processing, it not only saves the cost and low-carbon pro-environment, but saves a lot of artificial gravel aggregate. However, the previous equipment can’t nearly solve this performance. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd developed world-class construction waste treatment equipment through unremitting efforts. This equipment has undergone the evaluation of national academy of sciences, and makes a great contribution to the reconstruction of Wenchuan. After one year’s hard work, our construction waste treatment equipment has been widely used in large-scale foundation construction all over the country.
Meanwhile, our mobile crusher had been also developed successfully in 2008. This mobile crusher can move without the limit of working site. It can meet the requirement of customers extremely and bring convenient, safe, reliable economy benefits. Many major scientific and technological achievements of one enterprise enterprise can be developed successfully. There must be more endeavor and hardships. What’s more, it can be seen the powerful strength and backup force, and reflects the culture deposits behind the enterprise. This year is the first decade. We believe that we will have higher development next decade. In the modernization drive of economy, we feel incomparable pride for our efforts.
The technology changes constantly. Market is the basis of innovation; technology is the key. Anyone who owns the advanced technology, and the technology is correspond to the industrial policy of energy conservation, low energy and pro-environment, who will win in the new market competition.

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