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Yifan Machinery welcomes distinguished guests Baidu Service pays a visit
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In April, 2010, China even world, focused its attention on China again, because of the earthquake of Yushu in Qinghai Province. When people’s sight is just changed a little, the sunshine of early summer hurts it again. It seems to be very short spring this year. There was a chill in the spring air several days ago; however, the temperature was rising all the time before the Labor Day. It likes that Chinese people pay more attention to Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Equivalently, the employees of Yifan Machinery possess the great enthusiasm.

How happy we are,to meet friends from afar!On the eve of Labor Day, the head of e-business department Liu Fuxing and SuShuai were very busy in Yifan Machinery Industry Park. MuLi, the Henan customer service manager of the biggest global Chinese Search Engine Baidu, paid a visit to Yifan Machinery. Liu Fuxing and SuShuai welcomed distinguished guests certainly.

In the multi-functional conference hall of Yifan Machinery’s office building, Liu Fuxing expressed thanks to Baidu’s customer service staffs for their coming. Firstly, he introduced the company profile and the features of company products such as hydraulic cone crusher, mobile crusher, construction waste process equipment etc. He said, as a famous manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment and provider of system service, Yifan Machinery had close cooperation during the company propaganda and product promotion. Baidu, as the biggest Chinese search engine in the global, provided comprehensive and attentive network promotion service in terms of the Chinese cultural deposits and China conditions. In addition, it also had a lot of good try for the enterprises to show corporate image by e-business platform, promote their products, and advance the brand value etc. He pointed that Yifan Machinery had cooperated with Baidu since 2008. Under the influence of financial crisis, by the Baidu platform’s promotion, it still kept higher increment speed in 2008 and 2009. Meanwhile, it also improved the enterprise visibility and the brand reputation of products.

Baidu service manager MuLi showed thanks to Liu Fuxing, SuShuai etc. He introduced the biggest advantages of Baidu Online Marketing Services firstly. He pointed that Baidu promotion brought a revolution of marketing mode for enterprises. Relying on Baidu search engine platform, it created the pay for performance, so as to control flexibly the investment of customers. The advertising effect could be known clearly. In the end, it would reach the results that itinerant trader turned to shop trader and the less promotion investment brought the more customers. Then he showed the purpose of this trip, which increased the comprehension of Baidu Service staffs for machinery industry, the more cognition for machinery industry promotion, and the development trend and promotion trend in machinery industry. In order to show the product information simply and clearly for customers and deliver the enterprises value better. After that, Baidu Service staffs talked some effective skills during the network promotion with the e-business staffs face to face.

The two parties exchanged views about the future development trend of Chinese enterprises e-business and the trade features, current situation, trend of machinery industry network promotion. At last, the two parties expressed satisfaction for the past cooperation and the deeper cooperation desire in the future.

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