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Yifan Machinery supplies crushing equipment for Africa customers
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The sand aggregate production system, which was supplied by Yifan Machinery, has been used in Africa. This mobile crushing and screening equipment is well running. A good deal of sand aggregate is produced continuously. This system is mainly composed by SMH250 cone plant, PP1200 jaw plant, belt conveyor. The auxiliary equipment includes excavator and automobile etc. And the processing capacity of SMH250 cone plant is 420t/h. The processing capacity of PP1200 jaw plant is 240t/h. The belt conveyor is composed by several conveyor belts, which is used to transport manufactured sand, waste solid and so on. The processing capacity of belt conveyor is 120t/h. This aggregate production system has reasonable structure, well running, energy conservation and high efficiency.
Once the aggregate production system goes into operation, the finished sand aggregates have excellent structure and rational granular composition, and supply superior products for the local construction, road and other municipal construction. For that, this system obtains the good reputation among the customers.

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