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Innovation and creation bring the development
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Recently, Yifan machinery convenes the board of directors, which makes a work summary for the first half of the year and arranges the work plans for the latter half of the year. The topic of this conference was developed around the innovation and creation. The aim is how to bring the greatest value for the customers by this topic. Making the success for our customers is the purpose of Yifan machinery.

Yifan Machinery devotes itself to the crushing and screening equipment. Besides owning the powerful R&D strength and selling its products at home and abroad, innovation is the soul of an enterprise during the development. Suppose that there is no innovation, an enterprise is difficult to become the leader in the business. Even it is difficult to exist in the competitive market. Yifan Machinery becomes the leader of the crushing equipment industry with the ideal of innovation and creation. Nowadays, Yifan machinery is expanding during the development. The customers’ satisfaction is higher and higher. The market share of its products is more and more. It is not only the innovative result of Yifan people, but also the source of the enterprise development.

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