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The first crawler mobile crusher comes out successfully in China!
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Warm congratulations to Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd for the successful production of the first crawler mobile crusher in China.

Crawler mobile crushing plant is a new type of mobile crusher which integrates with the advanced and stable technology in the world. Its successful production is the important milestone for the crushing industry in China. Meanwhile, it is also the historic breakthrough of technology development for Chinese mobile crusher. This technology fills up the gap of Chinese high-end mobile crushing equipment, and rewrites the past that this kind of equipment at home depends on import for a long time.

Crawler-type mobile crushing plant is a kind of efficient crushing equipment, which adopts self-drive mode, possesses advanced technology and complete function. Under any terrain condition, this equipment can get to anywhere of work place, in this way, it can decrease the operation to the material, in addition, it is also convenient to comprehensively assist the coordination of mechanical equipment. By the control of wireless remote, it is easy to place the crusher to trail car and transport to the operating site. Because it does not have to spend on assembly time, therefore the equipment can throw into work immediately when it arrives at operating site. Jaw plant is of uniform finished material size, high production rate and crushing ratio, in addition, its optimal design can satisfy the most needful technical characteristics for crusher.

Crawler-type mobile crushing plant gathers material receiving, crushing, transport and other processing equipment as a whole. It will have the first-class crushing performance for rock crushing, aggregate production, strip-mining by the optimization of process flow. The union of different machine types can form a powerful assembly line of crushing work, and finish required processing work. Moreover, it has the advanced design, excellent performance, high-efficient production, convenient maintenance, economic operating cost and reliable system. Compared with all kinds of stationary crushing plants, mobile crushing plant is a movable small and medium crushing processing factory. Its work efficiency and operating cost are superior to the same level or higher level stationary crushing plant.

Crawler-type mobile crushing plant is widely used in many fields, such as the crushing for construction waste, rock, asphalt concrete and other aggregates. Otherwise, this equipment attaches the power unit with machine. The Optimal Design can carry out climbing work and meet the crushing need such as mine, hydropower, coal mine etc. For the environmental protection, the noise silencer of mobile crushing and screening plant is the best noise absorption system. This equipment is compact and flexible. It can satisfy the construction waste crushing work in the urban area. The valid dedusting system, feasible diesel noise unloading system and release system can control remotely and expel the obstacle of mobile crushing and screening plant. The Pre-screening equipment improves greatly the efficiency of crushing.

The production of crawler mobile crushing plant confirm that the development of crushing equipment has appeared the trend of digitization, parallelization, integration and better educated at present. Among that, digitization has become the core technology for rapid innovation. The progress of information technology propels the development of “unmanned crusher”.

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