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Grinding swords for ten years—to create the first-class construction waste disposal equipment
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At present, more and more foreign crushing and screening equipment manufacturers seize the Chinese market. The domestic market of this industry is occupied by the tycoons gradually. When Yifan Machinery went into the manufacturing field of crushing and screening equipment, the crushing equipment tycoons from other countries have seized a large quantity of market share. Nowadays, Yifan Machinery has also grabs the crushing equipment market in China, and moves to abroad ambitiously. As for the reason, the answer from Yifan Machinery is that independent innovation is the power to lead the development of Yifan Machinery in the global scale.

Yifan Machinery international strategy: Yifan Machinery products begin to appear in the foreign market, and enhance the quick reaction capacity of Yifan brand in the international market. Through absorbing the talents, capital, market etc., Yifan Company aims at creating the world-class brand in the crushing and screening industry. The rapid development of Yifan Machinery benefits from its independent innovation capacity. From the establishment of the first sand making production line in 2000, Yifan Machinery is involved with innovation.

In2000, Yifan Machinery developed VI series sand making machine with independent intellectual property rights. China hence grasps the key technology which is only owned by the advanced countries. The second epoch-making matter is the success development of mobile crushing plant. Before that, the market of mobile crushing plant is occupied by the foreign enterprise. Accompanying the success manufacture of the first mobile crushing plant, the first hydraulic cone crusher and the first construction waste production line come out successfully one after another. This breaks the situation that the foreign high-end mobile crushing plant corners the market.

A lot of crushing and screening equipments with independent intellectual property rights come out in succession in Yifan Machinery. Yifan Machinery sponsors a war for defending the national industry and challenging the foreign brand in Chinese market. It changes the domestic market situation of crushing and screening equipment. Chinese crushing brand can take part in the competition with the powerful enterprises at home and abroad.

The technical breakthrough of independent innovation makes Yifan Machinery take up the advantages gradually when competing with other enterprises. However, for the equipment manufacturing industry, innovation is only the first step for success. The products can stand the marketing test. The innovative ideal of Yifan Machinery is vital. Meanwhile, the high cost performance crushing equipment meets the demand of the customers.

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