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Question: Significant advantage of the rock crusher equipment modification

Asker: admin 04-19-2012
The Stone Crusher is widely used in many sectors o

The Stone Crusher is widely used in many sectors of mining, smelting, building material , highway , railway , water conservancy and chemical industry . Commonly used rock crusher equipment jaw crusher , impact crusher , vertical shaft impact crusher , hydraulic cone crusher , ring hammer crusher , hammer crusher , roll crusher , compound crusher , etc. . Yifan mechanical rock crusher equipment experts conducted a series of transformation for the rock crusher equipment , after the transformation , Stone Crusher significant advantages :

(1) Centralized lubrication system , non-stop to refuel and convenient road oil ; all the bearings of the machine may at any time in working condition while simultaneously filling oil , convenient and quick . Because of the oil seal, but also to prevent dust intrusion bearing damage .

(2) Stone crusher hydraulic manually start the chassis hydraulic lifting device , only one person can easily open and close the machine , not only lightweight and quick , safe, reliable , easy to maintain .
To optimize the appearance of the model did not change much , but the performance is a big step forward . The significant advantage of the rock crusher equipment modification .  
(3) The gap between the large grain coarsening in a unique two-way transfer gap rock crusher hammer wear and liner , the center moves out liner hammer position to narrow the gap between continue to use . From the outside through the liner and adjust the clearance , control of material particle size .

(4) Stone machinery with heavy balance wheel, and stable operation of inertia, save 20% .  
(5) The rock crusher dual rotor up and down two smash each other in series two sets of rotors, rotor hammer to drop immediately the rapid rotation of the rotor hammer crushing chamber materials relative to each other , fast-collision , squeeze each other hammer powder , powder the effect of direct emissions.

(6) Stone crusher screen grate at the end , the humidity of materials , will not plug . Tradition of the grate plate mill can not meet the moisture content higher than 8% of the raw material when the material moisture content higher than 10% , prone to severe congestion , so that the hammer can not move , the material can not be discharged , or even burn out the motor , seriously affecting the production. No sieve grate the end of the high- hard material, material humidity , never plug the feed moisture content of 90% of 100% fine degree of drainage in 2 millimeters (mm ) 1 millimeter ( mm) 70% , dry, wet, rainy day as usual production.This machine is designed without a fireplace bottom of the screen , the moisture content is not strict, no paste blocking plate , but no powder can be discharged in time , repeated grinding , therefore, high grinding efficiency , there is no hammer invalid wear phenomenon .
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