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Stone crusher worksThe structure of the stone crus

Stone crusher works
The structure of the stone crushing machine main frame , eccentric shaft , pulley , flywheel , moving jaw , side guard plate , toggle plate , stone crusher ( 19 ) back seat of the bracket , adjust gap screw, reset spring , fixed jaw activities Hubei board , which bracket also play a role in insurance . This series of jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type , motor-driven belt and pulley , through the eccentric shaft so that the moving jaw up and down movement when moving jaw increases the toggle plate and moving the angle E between the larger , thus promoting the move to E board close to the fixed jaw plate , material to be extruded at the same time , rub , grind multiple broken ;When the movable jaw downlink , the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes smaller , moving away from fixed jaw jaw lever action of the spring , the crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber under the mouth , continuous rotation with the motor broken motor Hubei periodic crushing and nesting, and mass production .

The Stone crusher is the ore from the feed inlet to the entry , and slide down along the sieve , sieve ore in the process of falling Jibei high - speed rotating rotor carbide hammer smashed, and at high speed along the tangential direction to fly the first one back plate so that the ore continued to be broken back plate turn ore other minerals hit back and then thrown behind the rotor colliding with each other , so in the first crushing chamber , the ore was crushed by repeated shocks . Some ore broken in the first crushing chamber to a certain size , after the gap between the back plate and the rotor row to the second crushing chamber will continue to be repeated blow, until the particle size change after row of ore from the bottom of the crusher discharge port.
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