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The Yifan tracked mobile crusher Shanxi Changzhi broken site
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With the continuous development of the mining machinery industry , the market segment the launch of the new Sand products . The Yifan mechanical senior engineers previous experience combined with repeated testing of the customer experience , 2012 Yifan Machinery tracked mobile crusher station market . The following is the third installment of tracked mobile crusher customer information return visit .


Tracked mobile crusher station , also known as crawler crushers, hydraulic drive track-type mobile crushing plant , it is a high efficiency of crushing equipment , the use of self - driven approach , advanced technology and complete functions . A variety of preparation, excellent work mobile mobility and job site adaptability , without a fixed crusher station installed in place before the station can be completed in a short period of time to adjust , at any time to enter the work state . This can reduce the material handling operations , and to facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment . Through the manipulation of the wireless remote control , can be very easily crusher On to the trailer , and transported to the job to .


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