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Standing aspects of mobile crushing station grand plans for the construction waste disposal
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About Yifan Machinery new plant, the first thing your eyes are two yellow giant, and we affectionately call them the "twin brothers", they have a famous name - "Super Hornet", but they also have a scientific name -- -PP1210 mobile crushing station, PP1548 mobile crushing station. Of these two mobile crusher station is a well-known construction in Yunnan group in our company purchased, a few days, they will move into Yunnan, began their "crushing and screening of the trip."

Mobile Crushing Station

    The Construction Group is an international cross-border group, the strength of the principal and governments BT projects. The company is responsible for demolition of nearly 200 villages in the city, demolition of an area of 15 square kilometers, there are five residential and one commercial area to build. Municipal roads three road, length of 15 km, the investment reached 4.0 billion. Now we calculate the sum of account: the construction waste per square meter of 3 cubic meters of construction waste per square transport costs 25 yuan, 10 yuan landfill costs, but also very likely produce secondary removal and transportation. Cost of 1.575 billion yuan or so. Construction waste in general, including wood chips, waste paper and other combustible materials, which can be burned to generate electricity; also includes wood, metal, plastic, etc., the direct use of materials, their separation and recovery can be carried out; also includes the construction of waste land, and it mainly can be used as backfill material or for the laying of embankment; and construction waste in the concrete pieces, bricks and other seemingly useless, but it has broken apart as a backfill material or laying roadbed, but also can be used as recycled gravel, or do into the regeneration of brick, precast and wall materials. Yifan Machinery design and development for the company's construction waste recovery system for three-year construction waste 400 Wanfang digestible and can be used by the construction company BT to do the road embankment projects, residential construction using hollow bricks, wiping wall. 300 Wanfang can save raw materials, finally saving Total: 120 million yuan.

Yifan Mechanical design and development of this mobile crusher station to create a number of first:
1. Is China's first set of mobile and integrated screening out of material with the high-tech products;
2. Is China's first home in mobile crushing station hydraulic technology, products, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of the mobile screening;
3. Is China's first self-developed set of construction waste recycling systems.

Mobile Crushing Station

Figure, respectively Yifan mechanical design and development PP1210 mobile crushing station, PP1548 mobile crushing station

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