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Crusher selection is based on the hardness level of the broken stone
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Crusher selection is based on the level of the crushing . The design and manufacture of the crusher is set according to the broken level . Select jaw crusher for primary crushing stage , jaw rotary crusher , gyratory cone crushers . The broken phase , selection criteria , cone crusher , medium-sized cone crusher , poppet cone crusher , impact crusher machine . Choose short head cone crusher for crushing stage . Grated stage , or sand making equipment , mainly for the rod mill , short head cone crusher . With the development of hydraulic technology , these crusher with hydraulic equipment , technical performance is more excellent .

The dam concrete aggregate size fractions , mainly four with three graded concrete small amount of parts the ( overflow surface of steel pipe trench fill , etc. ) for two with concrete . The the dam concrete aggregate grading habits are : the King Stone 150-80mm thick broken products , boulder 80-40mm crushed products , 40-20mm stone in stone 10-5mm broken , sand 5-0.15mm milled products . Artificial aggregate production , general and subject to four (segment ) crushing, crushing ratio of 180-3600 .

When the artificial aggregate of the original rock and mine is selected , broken machinery selection has become an important part of the aggregate production process . The crushing machinery should be chosen according to the physical properties of the original rock crushing force to determine . Should be used to bend under five forces , hard rock , with the shock to break effectively ; grinding stripping crusher certainty of serious wear and tear . Brittle rock bent and split more favorable ; if grinding stripping , the increase in the content of fine powder products . Toughness and viscous rock , grinding stripping .Meanwhile, the various mineral nature rock different tend to have a selective crushing, especially in the crushing and grinding stage , the selective fragmentation show more prominent .

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