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Yifan Machinery stone crusher crushing stone process analysis
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The gravel crusher process analysis _ stone production line preferred Yifan Machinery stone crusher equipment

Stone crusher works according to the " stone at stone " Preparation of artificial sand . The working principle is very clever , stated in China Three Gorges Project is to introduce the Sand Preparation artificial aggregates . Form an artificial waterfall like when the gravel stream into two shares stream overflow feeder , where the outer edge of the part of the gravel along the overflow overflow . Another part of the gravel through the hole into the overflow inside the high-speed rotation of the turntable, turntable , then this part of the stone throw to . Stones go great energy against rushing waterfall -like stone, stone rock phenomenon occurs . Gravel from big to small , from small sand .

The shattered stone stone crusher preliminary to go through further screening use . By sieving to artificial sand sieve . In fact , the process of re - broken , also produce a part of the sand . Based on my own practical experience , the impact crusher and sand making co-workers of the Department .Crusher also use the high-speed rotation of the rotor , the material thrown counterattack plate by the impact crushing the materials to rebound to the plate hammer , by the rotor high-speed throwing rejection also some stone to do a " stone hit stone " of the impact through the repeated multiple collision impact grinding process , until the material reached the required particle size , can be produced by screening a variety of stones and artificial sand . All in all, the process of gravel is material from big to small, from small sand . Therefore , the selection process , the selection of equipment , the product you choose is very important .

These two devices are not the same because of the principle of crushing jaw crusher , cone crusher and other equipment , and therefore , they are broken grain shape all of them was the cube , Park Run plump , especially good compressive strength requirements with sand meet the high-grade highways , of course, are favored for other important projects , such as overpasses, airport runway construction .

Yifan Machinery choice for stone crusher equipment , state-of-the-art technology , China 's largest provider of stone crusher ! Pebbles sand making production line equipment What are the requirements ? Is necessary to meet the national standard , and second, to the finished particles norms , and to high yield , the most important is the lower dust content , in order to reduce costs , understand so many enterprises , Yifan mechanical the stone production stones devices more good, more suitable for the production .

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