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The leader in the crushing plant , pebble crusher construction equipment
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The Stone Crusher pebbles are the by-product of the exploitation of yellow sand is a pure natural stone , after the Millennium crustal movement and river impact extrusion, friction . The cobbled main component is silicon dioxide , and also contains iron oxide, manganese, copper , aluminum and other elements and compounds . The cobblestone quality is hard, With compression , Wear and corrosion resistance and other natural features , is an ideal green building materials , is widely used in industries such as construction and road building .Today more and more extensive use of the social aggregate pebbles are processed can be used as building materials , but because of the higher hardness of pebbles , broken the difficulty of strong production has been small , but with the development and transformation of the mining machinery , the use of a variety of broken machinery , and contributed greatly to aggregate output .

Crusher manufacturers Henan Yifan Industrial for cobblestone quality hard , not easily broken features , the introduction of Symons cone crusher optimized design specifically deal with especially hard materials , the cone crusher is my company after years of development, in the original Cone crusher based on advanced special materials processing , reliable structure , high efficiency , easy adjustment , economic and other characteristics .

The spring system is the overload protection device to enable the metallic foreign body through the crushing chamber without damage to the machine , dry oil seal in the form of powder and lubricants isolation to ensure reliable operation . Pebble crushing process , how can a decisive role , we all know that the pebble applied to various industries must be broken this step to achieve the appropriate particle size can take advantage of .

Our development and production of Symons cone crusher can be effectively broken pebbles of different types of cone break can achieve different degrees of fragmentation . Standard cone crusher can be broken in the material , medium - cone break a chronology of the material , the short head type cone crusher can be ultra- fine crushing of materials . Customer production needs , we recommend the most appropriate , efficient, energy-saving equipment , customer satisfaction has been our goal .

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