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Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery light construction garbage's new life
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Environmental protection is a global issue, and using of building waste, has been the construction industry is extremely important issues of concern. How will the building rubbish into architectural treasures, light building rubbish new life, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery closely follow the development trend of the times, the development of a series of environmental protection and energy saving products, building garbage brought new life, in the history of the development of mining equipment made significant contribution!

China is now the world's largest annual national new buildings, each 2000000000 square meters of new area, equivalent to 40% of the world's consumption of cement and steel, and can only be sustained 25-30. Obviously, this short-lived buildings will produce each year hundreds of construction waste, to China, and even in the world brings great threat to the environment.China Daily News: English" China Daily" reported on April 6th: every year China consumes half the world's steel and cement for the construction industry, produced tremendous construction waste, now the government called for the real estate development enterprises improve the quality of construction, will present 30 years building the average lifespan is extended to 100 years.According to statistics, developed country construction waste resource utilization rate has reached 60%90%, and our country is less than 5%, which caused a great waste of resources. Transformation of the old city, village construction, plant expansion, commercial housing construction decoration ... ... With the continuous development of city construction, large construction waste generated, become a difficult job environment governance. In recent years, China's relevant departments to increase the construction waste management strength, but the building rubbish piling up at the phenomenon still exists.

Recovery, regeneration and utilization of construction garbage, imminent.Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery comply with the times development, and carefully developed specifically for disposal of the construction waste recycling equipment, production of thejaw crusher,impact crusher, impact crusher high building waste classification, screening, recycling, with international advanced level! In order to achieve from the traditional " building materials - building - construction waste" to " building materials - building - construction waste, recycled materials" loop mode change, the limited resources and unlimited use.Zhengzhou Yifan Machineryto the integrity of innovative business philosophy to win the market, to the internationalization of thinking for development, strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and guide the trend of green, green is the seed sown hope, Shanghai tripod heavy light construction garbage 's new life, diligent and excellent tripod walking in the forefront of the green environmental protection. The word, Walker without border!

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