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Crushing Process Analysis of Basalt, Diabase, Granite, River stone
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Stone's crushing usually is determined by the following factors:
1. The type of crushing material
2. The hardness, silicon content, water content of material
3. The average particle size of crushing material before entering the crushing system
4. Products size, and the proportion requirements of each size range, the use of products

Basalt, diabase, granite, river stone belong to the high hardness and high silicon content material. In the actual crushing operations, they are more difficult to crush and have higher crushing cost. Therefore, the crushing process of these materials should be designed reasonably, taking into account of investment cost and production cost.

In the actual operation, some customers' raw material is limestone, the loss of jaw plate is very low, the service life of a jaw plate can reach one year which is a very common phenomenon. This is because that not only the hardness of limestone is low (4-5), but also the silicon content is lower than other material. So, the abrasive of wear parts is low, either.

The loss of jaw plate, blow bar, impact plate will be very high if raw material is basalt, granite. Customer's production cost is more than limestone production costs. Therefore, for the design of crushing process, one should in accordance with the principle of laminate crushing to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. A typical laminating configuration is two jaw crushers or one jaw crusher and one cone crusher. If the customers have high requirements on the shape of final stone, we can configure a impact crusher to reshape, thus forming the three sections of crushing process configuration. Three sections of crushing items will inevitably lead to higher investment costs, but for long-term operation of stone quarry, the production cost reduced by three sections of crushing is very substantial.

For the above material which is difficult to crush, one can also use the two sections of crushing: jaw crusher plus impact crusher. However, this will inevitably lead to high loss of blow bar, the short life time of blow bar, and higher proportion of materials' returning. These are worthy of manufactures and customers attention.

Following is typical three technology options:
Option one: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + transport system +control system
Option two:  vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + fine type of jaw crusher + impact crusher (optional) + vibrating screen +transport system + control system
Option three: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact crusher (optional) + vibrating screen + transport system + control system

On the above scenario, the main difference is that the second crusher is impact crusher or cone crusher.

In many stone quarry which has less demanding on the shape of final stone, the users are more willing to use jaw crusher, fine type jaw crusher/ cone crusher to set up production line. Because jaw crusher and cone crusher both belong to laminated crushing, the wear resistant parts are relatively small, the production cost are relatively low. However, because of lamination theory will lead to the shape of stone is not very good. Flakiness relatively high, more serious cracks with the stone, which is high-grade building do not want to accept.

The greatest feature of impact crusher is the ability to produce high quality shape stone material. Good shape stone can increase the force performance of building. Of course, the wear parts' cost of impact crusher is much higher than fine type jaw crusher or cone crusher. Flakiness and natural smooth stone in building use can be difficult to achieve the multi-row cubic stone formation of the mechanical performance. Therefore, the impact crusher is mainly used for crushing stone used in construction field, as roads, railways, airports, terminals, high-rise buildings to provide high quality shape of stone.

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