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China's Mining Industry and Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery
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         The mining industry is the basic industry of China’s national economy, which provides abundant mineral raw materials, therefore plays a support role in the development of national economy.

          In accordance with the demand for endowment conditions of mineral resources and local economic development, currently Chinese mining investment has gradually shifted to central and western areas which are abundant in mineral resources. China puts forward the stabilization of mineral resource exploration in eastern and central China areas and simultaneously boosts the advantageous mineral resource exploration in western China. The investigations and assessments, prospecting, development and utilization on the top ten western mineral- concentrated zones will be continuously strengthened in a bid to promote the construction of the replacement zones of mineral resources and mining economic zones. According to the requirements for adjusting measures to suit local conditions, scale development and intensive utilization, the state will scientifically divide the planning zones of all sorts of mineral resources, perfect the administration systems in planning sub-districts, coordinate the relationship of the layout of resources prospecting, development and utilization and all kinds of subjects of interests and profits, reasonably divide projects zones and blocks, and scientifically establish the mining rights to facilitate the reasonable layout and optimization allocation of resource development. The state planned mining sits and those having an important value for national economy shall be developed orderly in strict accordance with the plan.
As a new star, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery will play more and more role in China's Mining Industry.


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