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The Main Technology Advantage of Impact Crusher Compared with Hammer Crusher
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The unique working principle of impact crusher overcomes the many defects of hammer crusher. At first, the discharging particles of impact crusher mainly are granular, while hammer crusher does maybe have much power. In addition, impact crusher can effectively deal those materials with moisture, thus it can reduce the jam phenomenon.
When the material contain much moisture, the feeding chute and impact board of impact crusher can be equipped with heating device, prevent the bond of material. And impact crusher don’t need equip with the bottom sieve plate, it just can effectively avoid the block phenomenon. However, hammer crusher can’t adopt heating way to prevent the bond of material, and need equip the bottom sieve plate, thus it just increase the possibilities of jam.
Impact crusher not only can apply on soft material, but also apply to the very large hardness material. The plate hammer of impact crusher adopts the mechanical firm structure and fixed to the rotor, thus when the rotor move, it has more rotator force. Relative to hammer crusher, the rotor of impact crusher has more momentum, suitable to crushing the more hard material and saving energy.
Impact crusher can adjust the discharging particle convenient, and the adjusting range is extensive. Impact crusher can adjust the discharging particle by so many ways, such as adjust rotor speed, impact plate and the space of grinding cavity, etc. the gap adjustment can be done through mechanical or hydraulic way, and hydraulic adjustment system can easy operate the button or long distance control system to accomplish the space adjustment. While impact crusher adjust the discharging particle only by changing bottom sieve plate.
Wear-resistant parts of impact crusher are so few compared with hammer crusher, and higher use ratio of metal.
The replacement of spare parts is so simple, thus the cost of maintenance will less. The impact crusher rotor just installed six plate hammers, and replacing a set of plate hammer just needs short time. And the replacement of bottom grinding cavity also need about ten minutes, and then which greatly reduce the cost of infection and maintenance. However, the hammer of hammer crusher has more than 100 pair; it will spend a lot of time and labor power to replace a set of hammer, the cost of inspection and maintenance is higher than impact crusher. Replacement of bottom sieve plate is also trouble.

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