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The spring of machinery industry: the new development of Yifan machinery
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          After the "economic winter" in 2008, the machinery industry is coming the spring in 2010.The data shows that the total output value of machinery industry in 2009 is ¥1.123658 trillion . The output value of new products is ¥228.212 billion. A comparative growth rate is 52.5%.  The National Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index was 55.1% in March 2010; it is 3.1% higher than last month. The index has been critical point in more than 50% for 13 consecutive months which is based on stabilizing the economy. This indicates that the overall manufacturing economy continues to maintain the growth momentum. In addition, the state's implementation of "major equipment manufacturing industry restructuring plans" and "Adjustment Plan for Car Industry Promotion ", also bound to bring a strong driving force for Bearing Industry. Furthermore, the domestic construction Machinery demand maintains long-term growth momentum, these equipment need to mating a large number of high-performance and high reliability hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components. Based on the demand of the upstream industry, basic parts have the huge development space.

         With the influence that of industry sales are gradually out of the low season and New Year is ending, the market demand is quickly out of the stable situation of 1,2months, and breaks out in March as scheduled: the overall sales growth of crusher industry increased 234%, and rebounded comparing with last year. It can be seen from Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd., it is a thriving spring. Orders around the world floated like snowflakes, Yifan Machinery workers are busy in overtime for the production. Various machinery enterprises are such a good growth. These two years are the prosperity period of development for new rural construction. Moreover, the crusher is one of the necessary equipment in the engineering construction. Meantime, Yifan Machinery crusher has been used in many parts of China.

         Although the sale busy season is the normal after spring festival, but in March the mining machinery sales growth still significantly exceeded expectations. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery stresses that the output is import; quality and service are more inestimable.

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