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Yifan Machinery widely accepts talents and develops constantly
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In 2010, the sales performance achieves the great success again compared with the corresponding period last year. As the famous crushing and screening manufacturer and system service provider, in order to enhance the popularity of Yifan Machinery brand and the reputation of the products such as mobile crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, construction waste disposal equipment etc, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. makes concerted efforts and works together in the several respects that organization and management, production control, sales training and service specifications in the new year.
What is the most need in 21st century? It is talents. If a company wants to develop, the most important resource and competitive advantage are the talents. In order to get this kind of advantage, Yifan Machinery provides the enough development space and invites the person with lofty ideals to join the company. After many selections, the foreign trade department, the domestic trade department, e-business department, technology R&D department, financial department have accepted some new employees. The supplement of new members makes the sales , promotion, design R&D, cost control and other aspects expand further, the strength is stronger. The centripetal force, coagulative power and combat power reach to a new height. Thus it is predictable that the company will also appear a new vigorous sight. For all staff, it is the common struggling goal that Yifan machinery can develop better and faster.

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