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Yifan Machinery 2012 annual Christmas wish overseas friends a Merry Christmas
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Along with the arrival of Zhengzhou City, the first snow of 2012, the annual Christmas approaching. Looking around the streets of the shopping malls, are early to put on a Christmas costume to greet arriving VIPs and customers. Christmas is still a week after the Yifan people ebullient outdone, early to catch a tour of the Christmas season, "ride" for everyone to send blessings!

Firmly to keep the tide of the world economic crisis in 2012, courtesy of the community has been Yifan strong support and concern, makes Yifan company in the moment "chilly" the beginning of the year sales target to achieve the successful ending of 2012. In order to thank everyone's support and love over the past year, Yifan to send this deeply wishes: "we wish you all a new year of good luck, wealth and all wishes come true!"
In 2012, the spread of the economic crisis is a little bit of devouring market opportunities the CCTV CCTV10 Science Channel I love the invention of machinery giant jaw "welfare program broadcast to many confused investors have opened to the wealth of another fan door: Construction waste disposal industry. Show broadcast information about Yifan The construction waste disposal technology start major websites, newspapers, television and other media coverage. All over the media, the bombing of the incident-reported, making "Yifan mechanical" brand known large noise, such a very low cost, effective and fast "flash" form of marketing, for the crusher industry marketing innovation to establish new benchmark.
Since then, many investors began to fervent attention to construction waste disposal industry behind unlimited business opportunities, program hero Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co. by the widespread concern of the community, a time to Yifan construction waste disposal equipment become crushing screening technology the most talked about selling products! It can be said, crushing and screening machinery industry in the winter, hot promotion because of Yifan companies building waste treatment technologies, like a mass of burning flame, lit up the moment the future prospects for the development of the crusher industry, and allow more investors re-kindled great expectations for the future.
Looking back on 2012, Yifan pioneering and innovative development model "victory" the whole industry, paving the way for my future branding work to do, we must live up to expectations, will make persistent efforts, create brilliant!

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